Finding Purpose – An Unconventional Way

Sometimes I wonder, what’s the purpose of life? What’s the reason that we are chosen for what we are doing? Not having a purpose makes people restless and they keep negotiating between success and failures.

I see people striving hard for money & success, I see people running without even looking back and at times I see people falling to never get up again. But what’s the purpose you are living for? Look within and ask yourself, are you doing what you always wanted to do? If yes, you are on the right path and if answer is “No”, how are you going to walk on the right path.

A man without purpose would starve as much as the man without food

Get Real

First step in finding your purpose is to be real with yourself, not to hide behind the mask you have been carrying for so many years to hide your real-self. Stand in-front of the mirror everyday and speak out loud, count your weaknesses and note it down. Tell yourself that you are going to overcome these weaknesses which are hindering your search for purpose. Make a list of things you care about and what drives you, once you have the list, try to find out what matters the most to you.

Overcome your fear

Fear. Such a small word which has profound impact on how we perceive and do things. It sometimes acts our natural barrier to threats, it sometimes shields us from the unknown, strange and most importantly, which actually changes entire meaning of fear, it sometimes holds us back. It’s the fear which doesn’t allow us to move forward, it drives our unconscious mind and tells us to not to take step forward because we may be moving into unknown. For finding your purpose, one must overcome their fears.

Now the question is, how to overcome fear. First of all, being fearful is not at all bad, but being controlled by fear is. One should learn to embrace the fears, prepare and practice for a long term showdown. Learn from others and take inspiration from others, ask for help and utilize the pressure. Take a step by step approach, don’t directly jump into unknown as it may cause panic. As they say slow and steady wins the race, keep your feet steady and focus on the next step.

Show Gratitude

And last but not the least, “Gratitude”. We shall strive for success but a little meaning to it will make it more amazing. But no one ever looks back, to see what they are leaving behind. The meaningless success has no values, neither it is celebrated widely. When you run for success, at least try to look back once to see the people who have been a part of it.

Take Inspiration

Little inspiration can go a long way in finding your purpose. Meet the people who have excelled in the field, listen to their stories and how they fought all the adversities. Inspiration can come anywhere, be it a little child or any successful person.

Calm down

Last but not the least, “Calm Down”. Panicking will not take you any where and it is only going to make things worse. Take a break and relax, go out on your favorite vacation which sometimes can help you find the deeper meaning.

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