7 Proven Ways to Break a Habit

It’s the habits which can make or break your life. Out of all the habits we have, they could either be good or not so good. These are the behaviors that we’ve acquired over the years due to influence of our families or friends and some may occur almost automatically. And most of us have a habit we’d like to break, or one we’d like to develop. Most people find it really difficult to quit a habit and sometimes need help of experts. So here we will talk about ways to quit habits which could possibly be destroying their lives.

The following steps can make it easier to establish a new behavior pattern and to find new YOU.

1. Accept the problem

First and foremost, accept the fact that some or other habit is destroying your life. Once you have accepted it, then, and only then, you can think of turning your life around. Your family and friends can help you identify the problem which you may be ignoring.

2. Set the goal

Once you have established the habit you’d like to break, set the realistic goal. We all know it is not easy to change a habit overnight. Take a step by step approach and it will work wonders. Also try to phrase your goal as a positive statement. For example, instead of saying “I will quit snacking at night”, say “I will practice healthy eating habits”. Write down your goal or tell your goal to someone you trust. Make a calendar and mark the days with clear goals.

3. Check the triggers

Behavior patterns don’t exist in isolation. Often, one habit is associated with another part of your regular routine. Some people overeat when they are feeling low. Many people who smoke automatically light up when they are feeling stressed. So it is very important to eliminate the triggers.

4. Set reminders

You can do this by leaving yourself notes in the places where the behavior usually occurs. Or you can leave yourself a message on the mirror, refrigerator, computer monitor, your phone or some other place where you will see it regularly. You can also have a family member or a friend to remind you of your goal. To keep yourself focused and motivated, keep checking progress you have made.

5. Get help

This is very obvious as any job is easier with help. Talk to someone who shares the same goal to understand how they are handling the challenge. Even better, if you can talk to someone who has overcome the same habit.

6. Fill the void

It is very important to find a substitute of the habit you are trying to quit. If you want to stop a habit, you must have another positive habit to fill the void. In the absence of any replacement, you are more likely to fall back to same behavior.

7. Reward Yourself

Finally, rewarding yourself for making progress at set time intervals is a good idea to keep you extra motivated. Focus on your goal one day at a time, but give yourself a small treat at one, three and six months. The rewards don’t have to be big or expensive, and you should try to make it something that’s associated in some way with the goal.

At last, following these steps is no guarantee of success of course and there are chances you may fail. Depending on the habit it may take several tries or even months to finally make the change. But remember if you stick with it, you can do it. As they say, you are what you choose to be. If you can tell yourself that you are stronger than the bad habit, change is POSSIBLE.

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